Inspirational HeadCoverings started with the idea of giving back to the cancer community after my personal journey with Breast Cancer.

Hello, my name is Betty Fimbel. I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer in January of 2012. As one would imagine, hearing the word cancer was devastating news for me and my family. What I found was that I am actually one of the lucky ones. My diagnoses was Stage 1 Breast Cancer with a good prognosis.

My hair loss was a difficult hurdle to accept. In fact, it was almost as traumatic as finding out that I had cancer. What I found was that all of the women I spoke with who were going through chemo had the same feelings about their hair loss as I did. Before losing my hair, I purchased a wig. Unfortunately, I couldn’t tolerate the summer heat and the wig was no longer an option. What I found as an alternative was the scarf head covers. The bonus is that the scarves are comfortable, fun, AND fashionable.

The idea of selling the head covers/scarves started with the desire to “give back” to the cancer community. Having cancer is not only emotionally difficult, it is a huge financial burden. With various tests, procedures, doctor’s appointments, medications, deductibles and co-payments the expenses mount up quickly.

During my journey, I couldn’t help but notice the many people who did not have the support that I had. There are many patients who are unable to meet many of the financial burdens of medical care, yet are not eligible for financial assistance through traditional channels. Many times these people ‘fall through the cracks’ of the health care system, making it difficult for them to meet their basic needs such as co-payments for medication, transportation to appointments, childcare, meals, etc. These are the people I'm committed to helping.

I have expanded my business to include mastectomy pillows, chemo port pillows, gift baskets, as well as head covers for children with hair loss. I have new products in the works that will help provide comfort to cancer patients... I will soon be adding organic lavender and flaxseed eye pillows and neck wraps.

Inspirational HeadCoverings is dedicated in helping provide funds to cancer research, education, support services and financial assistance. We commit to give a minimum of 10% of all proceeds to these organizations. The saying goes, “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade”. That is exactly how I feel about my cancer. Yes, I will make it through my cancer treatments as a cancer survivor. And yes, I will help others by supporting foundations that help those people currently going through cancer, and the ones committed to curing this horrendous disease.

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