N. E. Wellness Gifts, formerly Inspirational HeadCoverings, started with the idea of giving back to the cancer community after my personal journey with Breast Cancer.

My name is Betty Fimbel, and I am a cancer survivor since 2012. I started my business in order to give back to the cancer community. The caring, compassion and support of this amazing community is something I will never forget.

I have made several changes to my business since it began, including changing the name to New England Wellness Gifts. My business started as Inspirational HeadCoverings and I sold primarily head covers for women and children. As time went on, people continued to ask me what I would recommend to give a cancer/chemo patient. They wanted to know what they would need to help them with the discomfort of their treatments. One feels helpless when seeing a loved one struggle with illness. More than anything, we want to take it all away and let them know we care. Cancer affects everyone… family, friends, coworkers, teachers, etc.

This year I decided to change and redefine my product line. The quality will stay the same, but many of the items will change. I realized that various products I knew would be helpful were not readily available. I have used my own experiences, other cancer patients experiences, and have done a lot of research to determine which products to make and sell in my shop. One thing that will never change is my conviction to only sell items that would meet my high standards.

Along with these changes is my new shop name: New England Wellness Gifts. This new name better describes my products and the new direction of my business. The mission will remain the same: New England Wellness Gifts is dedicated to helping provide funds to well-established cancer foundations that focus on research, education, support services and financial assistance. We are committed to giving 10% of all proceeds to these organizations. As I have always said, “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade” . This is how I have always felt about my cancer diagnosis. Yes, I made it through my cancer treatments and am now a cancer survivor. And yes, I will continue to help others by supporting foundations that help those currently going through cancer, and the ones committed to defeating this horrendous disease.

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